Shoe Care

Kids like to get dirty!

Below you will find steps on how to best clean and maintain your kids shoes

Machine Washable
Remove insoles from the shoes before placing in laundry bag and into the washing machine.
Machine washing has been tested on the shoes on a cold gentle cycle.
Use “footwear” setting if possible and set to low spin cycle
Wash separately to avoid possible colour bleed to other clothes
Dry the shoes naturally, out of direct sunlight.

Hand Washing
Remove the insoles from the shoes
Rinse under running water
Using a soft toothbrush and a little dishwashing liquid, brush out any stubborn stains
Wipe soles dry with a clean cloth
Dry naturally out of direct sunlight
*Washing may fade the colour slightly
*After washing, the sneaker may feel a little snug, but don't worry, after one wear they will soften right up, just like your favourite pair of jeans!