Podiatrist Recommended

We have designed a shoe which allows new walkers, active toddlers and early school children’s feet to grow and develop naturally, whilst still receiving support in all the right places!
Every part of our shoe has been considered when it comes to supporting and maintaining comfort for little feet. Literally from the ground up!
The sole of the shoe allows for extreme flexibility in the ball of the foot, it offers shock absorbing traction in the ball of the foot and is made of non-slip genuine rubber, to allow your child's feet to grip easily and avoid too many falls!
Every pair of Piccolini Sneakers has a removable insole. This insole has been designed to help support the child’s foot, but does not force to mould the foot.
The front section of the shoe is designed to be slightly wider, so their little toes can wriggle around and not be restricted.
The insole of our sneakers can be easily replaced by a personalised orthotic if needed.
Please get in touch for further assistance, we would love to help you out!
Finally, the upper! After many designs and sampling, our first design to go into production is our ‘Original High Top’. The three velcro straps allow for easy adjustability. One strap around the ankle offers more support where needed.
Introducing the ‘Original Sandal’. A year in the making, the Original Sandal is finally here! Designed once again with the shock absorbing, flexible and non slip rubber sole, the 3 velcro straps allowing for the perfect fit and the soft moulded insole that supports our little ones growing feet.